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One of the most well-known seasons in the Southeast part of the country is hurricane season. And being near the Atlantic Ocean, North Palm Beach, Florida sees its fair share of them. Hurricanes are dangerous enough, but when the power goes out it adds that extra layer of hazard.

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Why Do I Need an Emergency Generator?

There are very few natural disasters as scary as a hurricane. Not only can they be devastating, but they can be unpredictable and costly. The aftermath, oftentimes is the worst part. And being without power intensifies the situation. Your hurricane preparation should include making sure you have an emergency generator in place.

  • During a hurricane the power might go out, which is normal. But after the hurricane, there is no telling when power will be up and running again. It could be anywhere from hours to weeks. Having an emergency generator makes the situation a little more liveable.
  • Once all the noise and the rain has stopped, it’s time to clean up. Tree branches need to be cut and you may have to make repairs to certain parts of your home until you can get an adjuster to come out. Most tools require electricity. So in order to carry out these repairs, an emergency generator can prove to be handy.
  • Grocery stores are typically closed after a hurricane. Stocking up on food is one thing, but making sure the food in your refrigerator doesn’t go bad is just as important. You don’t want to throw away money.
  • Florida has a lot of elderly people, some of whom need medical devices to assist them. Those devices need to stay working during and after the hurricane. Having an emergency generator ensures they do.

Why You Should Consider USB Outlets

Here are a few reasons you should consider outfitting your house with USB outlets.

You have a more modern look to your home. Nowadays everyone has some sort of device that needs charging, but who wants to trip over cords just to get a charge? USB outlets add a sleeker look to your decor.

Sometimes finding a USB adapter could be a chore. Is it in the car or the kitchen or the living room? With USB outlets, you can eliminate that headache.

Your devices charge faster because they are plugged directly into the source. Instead of waiting for up to an hour, your tablet will be charged in way less time.

Adding USB outlets will free up outlets for other appliances. You won’t have to decide if you need to unplug a lamp to charge your smartphone.

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Electrical Emergency Services

If you have issues with your electrical systems, we provide many other emergency services like:

  • Generator installation and repair
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacement
  • Breaker panel repair
  • Wiring repair
  • And more!

Our electricians will be more than willing to assist you with whatever you need. Contact us today to schedule a service with an expert local electrician.

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