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Hurricane season is a big deal in Riviera Beach, FL. Being near the Atlantic ocean, we see our share of them. During a hurricane the power can go out, making things scarier. But the aftermath can be just as bad. Houses get damaged inside and out. And oftentimes your electrical system is affected.

At Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air our professional electricians will assess the problem and give you options on what should be done. Our years of experience speak volumes about us and who we are. Give us a call and set an appointment with a skilled electrician in Riviera Beach, FL.

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When to Call for Emergency Electrical Service

If your power goes out it may be something simple. But sometimes, electrical issues call for professional help. Call a 24-hour electrician if any of the following occurs in your home:

  • If your fuses blow too frequently, that is a sure sign there is something amiss with the electrical system in your home and it could be an electrical emergency. Get professional help right away.
  • If your electrical appliances feel warm to the touch for no reason, there could be a problem. If the issue is not attended to, the results could be catastrophic.
  • Flickering lights are a sure sign you need emergency services from a trustworthy electrician. The quicker you call an expert, the better.
  • If one outlet is powering too many appliances at the same time, you may need to have an electrician install more outlets. Don’t let this issue get out of hand.

When to Replace Electrical Outlets

No one really thinks about replacing their electrical outlets until something goes wrong. Get ahead of problems in your home by replacing outlets when the time is right:

  • If your outlets are sparking or getting hot, you need to replace them right away before it causes catastrophic damage, like a fire.
  • Having a cracked outlet cover can cause major issues. It is safer to replace the entire outlet.
  • If your lights flicker when you plug in appliances, you may need to upgrade and replace that outlet to keep up with the demands of your devices.
  • Two-pronged outlets can be a hazard to your family. Replace your outlets to keep your household safe.

Working with a licensed electrician keeps your home safe; find out more reasons to choose Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air then give us a call!

Whole House Generator Installation

When your power goes out, it can be a major inconvenience. Installing a whole house generator can help you avoid a lot of headaches later on. Having a whole house generator installed could save your family major discomfort in the event you lose power. Our team of expert technicians will be more than happy to come out and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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