Air Conditioning Services in Roseland, FL

Does your house feel warmer than the temperature on the thermostat? Call us for air conditioning services in Roseland and Indian River County.

Summer heat can be unbearable. You need a fully functioning air conditioner to combat the temperatures and humidity. To keep your house comfortable, schedule AC services with a professional. Call Elite Electric, Plumbing, & Air for appointments in Roseland, FL. We offer 24/7 services 365 days a year.

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We provide complete cooling services to Roseland, including:

  • Emergency AC services
  • AC tune-ups and maintenance
  • Air handler services
  • Heat pump services
  • Evaporator coil services
  • AC replacements
  • Ductless mini split systems

What To Expect During an Air Conditioner Tune-up

You should have your AC inspected by a professional at least once a year. During a tune-up you can expect a technician to perform the following services:

  • Check the refrigerant to ensure the right amount is in the system.
  • Look for leaks.
  • Examine the air ducts for debris or leaks.
  • Inspect the evaporator coil to ensure it’s functioning properly and that the right amount of air is flowing through it.
  • Check the electric control sequence and make sure the cooling and heating sequences are not operating at the same time.
  • Inspect the electric terminals.
  • Apply oil to the motors as needed.
  • Examine the belts.
  • Ensure all components are functioning as expected.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

You need your air conditioner to work correctly, especially during the summer. If you need notice these signs you should schedule repairs:

  • Insufficient Airflow: If your house is not cooling to the desired temperature it can signal restricted airflow due to dirty air ducts or clogged filters.
  • Leaks: If you notice moisture coming from your unit, it can indicate a leak that needs to be inspected by a professional.
  • Foul Odors: If you notice a musty or stale odor when your unit is running, it can signal you need repairs.

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Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak can prevent your AC from working correctly. Some symptoms that can indicate you have a leak include:

  • Loss of cooling power: As the level of refrigerant in the lines drop, the system must work harder to cool down your home. If you are starting to lose cooling power gradually, it could be a refrigeration problem.
  • Formation of ice or frost: When refrigerant leaks out of your system and the charge drops too low, the evaporator coil will no longer be able to absorb heat so that the cold refrigerant can be warmed up. This leads to a formation of moisture that will turn into ice or frost around the coil.
  • Hissing sounds: Refrigerant is a gas that can escape from the lines when they become compromised. Even a hole the size of a pin needle can lead to a hissing sound.

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