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Summertime in Tradition, FL, brings lots of sunshine and blue skies. But when temperatures soar, you need a well-functioning cooling system to live comfortably. Is your AC due for a tune-up or repair? That’s where we at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air come in.

Since our founding in 1988, our residential and commercial clients have relied on our prompt and dependable services. Whether you’re looking for central AC installation services, AC repair, or AC maintenance services, we’ve got you covered. Our company has made a name for itself by offering truly exceptional services.

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What Are Some Signs That Your AC Needs to Replacement?

Much like any old appliance, ACs show signs of failure before they actually fail. By paying attention to your AC’s performance, you can start preparing to purchase a new unit before it breaks down on a 100-degree day. Let’s have a look at the top signs that your cooling system is nearing the end of its life.

  • Your AC frequently breaks down
  • Your energy bills have inexplicably skyrocketed
  • Your AC is nearing or older than its expected life expectancy (more than 10-15 years)
  • Excessive moisture and leakage around the unit
  • You’re facing expensive repairs
  • Your home isn’t as comfortable as it used to be
  • Your AC uses R-22 freon

To Repair or Replace, That is the Question

When your air conditioner begins to give you problems or goes out completely, the first inclination can be to repair it. Sometimes financially this is your only option, but other times, it is best to choose to replace the unit entirely. Here are a few signs that you should replace your air conditioner:

  • Constant repairs: Air conditioners that have lasted several years will eventually need some repairs. However, if you’re constantly calling an air conditioning repairman and are paying costly repair bills, it might be time to replace the unit
  • Older units: By older, we mean more than 15 or so years. After this point, newer models are much more efficient which will lower electric bills. Also, after the 15-year mark, the unit has surpassed its high-level functioning and is usually on its last leg.
  • Capacity concerns: If you’ve done significant work to your home, especially an expansion, your current AC might not be sufficient. Air conditioners have a square footage rating that should be matched to your home. Too much or too little capacity is sure to cause problems in the future.
  • Uncomfortable home: If you’ve done significant work to your home, especially an expansion, your current AC might not be sufficient. Air conditioners have a square footage rating that should be matched to your home. Too much or too little capacity is sure to cause problems in the future.

There are also a few signs that your air conditioning unit should simply be repaired and not replaced. Unfortunately, these are a little less clearly defined and you should always consult with a professional technician:

  • Very little airflow: This could be a sign that your compressor is going out, but it could also be something as clearing the ducts
  • Thermostat not working: These small boxes have a BIG job--they tell your air conditioner how much cold air to put out and how cold the air should be. Fixing this integral part of your unit can be an easy repair when done properly
  • Smelly air conditioner: Your AC shouldn’t stink, and if it does it can be a sign that there is an electrical problem or that mold and mildew have begun to grow
  • Climbing electric bills: Noticing a bump in your electric bill is common during summer months. If it is steadily climbing, though, it might not be anything to do with the actual mechanics of the AC but instead leaky ductwork.

Regardless of which route you go, AC repair or air conditioner installation, the one constant will be that our professionals at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air are here to help. With an in-home diagnostic we can help outline the issues and make choosing the right option for your home a breeze!

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

While a high-quality cooling system will serve you well for years, the general wear and tear that your system accrues over time means you’ll eventually need to call for AC repairs. Of course, the best way to keep your AC repairs to the bare minimum is with regular AC maintenance. Our technicians can inspect your system each year to ensure it’s working optimally. We also offer AC tune-up services in Tradition and the surrounding area.

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24 Hour AC Repairs

If your AC fails unexpectedly, you can count on our emergency team at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air to restore your comfort. Whether you need specialized repairs or a whole-system replacement, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

When you call us for emergency AC service, we’ll send a well-trained and fully certified AC technician to inspect and diagnose the issue for a fast and effective solution. We provide 24/7, 365 AC repairs on units of all makes and models.


How to change AC filters?

This is a fairly easy task and one that needs to be done regularly. Follow these simple steps to change your AC filter just like a pro would:

  1. Turn off the power- this is for your safety and so that dust and debris do not get sucked into your unit
    Remove the old filter- slide it out!
  2. Clean the filter- this is only if you’re this filter is reusable, if it has cardboard edges it is disposable and you should move to the next step
  3. Insert the cleaned or new filter into its housing- pay attention to which way the arrows point because that’s the way it needs to go
  4. Finished- close everything back up and turn your AC back on

What size furnace do I need?

Furnace size depends on the size of your home and where you are located. In Florida, for instance, you will need 30-35 BTUs per square foot (BTU is a measure of energy.) If your home is insulated well, then you can multiply the size of your home in feet by 30. If your home is not insulated well, consider using 33 or 35 as your BTU and multiply that by the size of your home.

When considering a furnace, look at its BTU input and multiply that by its efficiency rating. For example, a furnace of 90,000 BTU input multiplied by 80% would have an actual output of 72,000 BTU. Once you have this number and the number of BTUs required to heat your home, you will know the proper size furnace. If math isn’t your thing, call a professional--they can figure it out quickly, easily, and most importantly they’ll come up with the correct number.

Do air purifiers work?

In short, yes, air purifiers work. UV air purifiers work by using UV light (the same light that causes sunburns) to kill off any microorganism including bacteria and mold. They also get rid of dust and dander, both from humans and pets.

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