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For quality electrical services, call the most trusted electricians in Wellington, FL!

Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air has been serving Wellington, FL residents with high-quality electrical services, including fuse box repair, generator installations, outlet switch repair and more since 1988. We carry products from top manufacturers to ensure your safety and comfort.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive electrical inspections to troubleshoot issues with the electric system in your home. Call us today to work with a licensed electrician and receive upfront prices and 24-hour emergency service.

Contact us for indoor home solutions performed on the same day! We work around the clock and use high-quality materials.

Keep Your Home Safe With GFCI and AFCI Installation

Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breakers in your breaker panel protect you and your home from arc-faults. Ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) breakers safeguard you from ground faults. Both types are required in new construction and room add-ons because they offer double protection from fires started by arc-faults. They can also spot losses from hot coils that touch the ground or neutral line without closing off the power supply. AFCI and GFCI breakers are found in rooms where there is the potential for them to come into contact with moisture.

Both GFCI and AFCI breakers can provide protection from overcurrents. The electricians at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air will provide AFCI/GFCI installations that follow local and state code to provide you with ultimate safety. Call us today to discuss if your home could benefit from GFCI/AFCI outlet installations. We are always happy to help.

We go above and beyond to resolve your electrical needs! Learn the many more reasons you should choose us for help.

Generator Installation and Repair

The power in your area goes out. It happens. Or during a storm, These are the times when a generator can be your best friend. Generators allow you to have power no matter what’s going on outside.

There are two types of generators: portable and whole-house, also known as standby.  Portable generators are made for recreation, such as camping, but they also come in handy during a power outage. Whole-house generators automatically kick in when your power goes out to allow an uninterrupted power supply. You will be able to run the fridge, cook and watch television.

At Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air, we offer generator repairs and installations by certified professionals. We carry top-of-the-line generators from reputable manufacturers to ensure your comfort during a power outage.  Call us today if you have questions or to learn more about our generator services.

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Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air in Wellington, FL offers quality standby generator installations from reputable manufacturers, fuse box repair, GFCI/AFCI outlet installation by experts. Call 561-202-1062 for upfront prices on certified service and 24-hour emergency service.